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Enabling Comments on Specific Pages

To turn on the comments feature for a specific page, edit the page in the FEATURES tab. Check the box next to “Allow Comment Display”.

To modify settings for comments, login and click on ADMIN, MANAGE ADD-ONS, PAGE COMMENTS and then PAGE COMMENTS SETTINGS. Available setting options are:

  • Comments Need to be Approved - Check this if you want to approve comments before they display on the page. If checked the contact and groups specified in the system email "Page Comment Update Notification" will received notification that a comment has been posted.
  • Show Option for Non-Authenticated Users - In this field select "Show Login Form" if you want users to login before leaving comments, or select "Allow Anonymous Access" if you want to enable comments without requiring login.

NOTE: If comments need to be approved before displaying on the page, you need to login and go to MANAGE ADD-ONS, PAGE COMMENTS, PAGE COMMENTS. Click on a comment that has not been approved. Click on the COMMENTS tab and select PUBLISH COMMENT or REJECT COMMENT in the COMMENT STATUS field. Click OK to save changes.