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Create a list of news stories with individual detail pages



See Roles for the built-in Contensive Roles.

How To Add/Edit News Stories

This add-on enables you to add news stories to a news page and to have a specified number of the latest stories display on the home page.

  • To add or edit stories, login and click ADMIN, MANAGE ADD-ONS, NEWS STORIES, Story List.
  • You will see a list of current stories. Click ADD to add a new story or click the paper/pencil icon next to a story to edit it.
  • Enter the story title in the HEADER field.
  • Enter a brief overview in the STORY BRIEF field, which will appear under the story title on the news page.
  • Enter the text for the story in one of the three available fields:
  1. Use the STORY LINK field if you are using a story located on a webpage. Include http:// in the web address.
  2. Use the STORY DOWLOAD field if your story is from a PDF or similar file. For this story type, click CHOOSE FILE and then select the file from your computer and press OPEN.
  3. Use the FULL STORY field if you will include the content for the story in the story record. Just type the story into this field.
  • If you have an image to include, upload it in the IMAGE field.
  • Also put the date in the STORY DATE field.

Click OK to save the new story.


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