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How do I add code from Google or other sources to "Every Page"?

If it has to be added to every page, the easiest way to do this is to create an add-on with the code and mark it to run on every page.

  1. Go to the admin site >> Navigator >> Manage Addons >> Advanced >> click on Add-ons
  2. Click the Add button and enter the following three fields
    • make a name for the addon
    • Paste your code into the HTML Content box
    • On the Placement Tab, check Body End
  3. Click [save]

How do I lookup records by fields?

In the people manager, I am only able to look people up by first and last name. How do I look up people by other fields, like email addresses?

  1. Go to navigator >> manager users >> click on people
  2. You see on the right, the list of people with several columns. On the left is the navigator.
  3. Between the Navigator and the list of people, there is a 'closed' panel called 'filters'. Click the >> at the top of the panel to open it.
  4. The link "Set Columns" lets you change the column headers for people. Add email and hit OK.
  5. The link "advanced search" lets you search on email, or any other combination of people attributes.

Using the Email Drop Report

The Email Drop Report is available on the navigator under Manage Email.

For each email, it lists the total count dropped, how many people opened the email, and how many people clicked though to the site. If you mark the email with "Link Authentication", there will also be a link in the report to show you who clicked back, and what pages they visited.

How to use Quick Edit

Quick Edit is the quickest and easiest way to make changes and add text, right on the web page.

To turn on Quick Edit, log in and naviagate to the page you want to edit. On the tools panel at the bottom of the page, check the box marked Quick Edit, and hit the Apply button under the checkbox. When the page returns, you will be in quick edit mode.

In Quick Edit, the content box is converted into a wysiwyg editor. From this editor, you can modify the text and images on the page, as well as change the page name or headline. You can also add child pages.

To exit the quick editor, hit OK or Cancel.

How to export users

Use the contact manager to export users.

Navigator >> Manage Users >> Contact Manager

Select New Search

Enter your search criteria, perhaps Username not empty.

Hit OK

Go to the tools below the list of names and select "Everyone in Search Results", and Export to Csv file.

Hit OK.

Go to the Download Manager and the download will be available in a few minutes.

Navigator >> Tools >> Download Manager