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The Contensive Library provides a simple set of dotnet objects for authentication, state management and hardware abstraction. We have used it everyday in many project, letting us reuse a code base built on Windows, the dotnet languages and namespace and the Amazon AWS scalable services.

This open source project and documentation was originally intended for our employees, clients, partners and friends. We thank everyone for their contributions over the years and welcome this new step allowing you to fork, clone and contribute directly.

Learning Center

The Learning Center contains quick references and in-depth references on many aspects of the Contensive Framework (cfw) software.

Contensive Public Add-ons

Add-ons are installable features. This section includes documentation for all the public Contensive Add-ons available.

Project Documentation

This section includes documentation for many of the projects created on the framework, both public and custom addon collections.

Products and Services

This section includes base products we sell and services we perform.

Product Testing

This section includes tests for products we sell.