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Contensive Public Add-ons are available for anyone to use, free of charge. Use the Addon Manager on the Admin Navigator to install them. They are divided into two categories, Public Site Addons and Developer Addons.

Public Site Add-ons

This section includes documentation for public Contensive Add-ons which add functionality to web applications. Add-ons used as developer tools are listed separately.

Adding Videos with Embed Codes 
Provides the ability to drop videos on a webpage using Embed Codes from sites such as YouTube.
Article Library 
Provides the ability to drop a search on a webpage for specific files for a specified combination of keyword and/or category.
Banner Campaigns 
Create and manage online banner ads.
Create a blog page on your website.
Allows you to associate pages that deal with events or time related activities and display them in the calendar on their related dates.
Child Page Sorting 
Provides the ability to drag and drop child page lists to re-sort whenever edit tools are enabled.
Collaboration Tools 
Enables you to specify a certain group of people who appear in a directory on the page and share a calendar, uploaded documents, and notes.
Collection Exporter 
(Development Tool) Exports an addon collection to a deployment zip file that can be installed on a different application.
Content Watch List 
Enables you to create a list of new content on your website.
Custom Add-ons 
See Project_Documentation
Data Exporter 
Provides a tool to export data from your site.
Distance Learning 
Allows you to create and post multiple choice quizzes to your website.
Dynamic Image Gallery 
Permits you to add a page with a rotating display of images on your website.
Download Manager 
Creates download requests for any content in the system, in either ASCII CSV, or XML format.
Dynamic Site map 
Builds a map of all site pages dynamically from your site content.
Creates online elections.
Email Blocked Report 
A report that shows the emails on the site that have been blocked either by the recipient, or a permanent failure delivering.
Email Bounce Processing 
Tools to automatically sort through bounced emails and remove bad addresses from your lists.
Ecommerce Cart 
The ecommerce cart creates an online catalog and order process that integrates with the Invoice Manager. See the Invoice Manager documentation for most terms, roles and settings.
FAQ List 
Add an accordion list of FAQs to a webpage.
Flickr Cooliris Wall 
Installs a Cooliris album.
Full Text Search 
Creates a full text search feature on your site.
Galleriffic Photo Gallery 
Enables you to add a dynamic image gallery to your website.
Create links to a pop up box with explanations of words and phrases that exist on your website.
Google Analytics 
Makes it easy to add Google Analytics to your Contensive site.
Group Directory 
A list of all users in a group, including photo and bio. Opens to a lightbox on click.
Image Slider 2 
Put a slideshow on a web page.
Image Slider 3 
Enables you to put a slideshow on a web page.
Invoice Manager 
Provides the underlying framework for most online transactions, including Account Management, automated billing, account reporting, and asset reporting.
Landing Page Development 
Enables development of landing pages to direct users to a specific page for marketing, etc.
Managing Forms 
The Form Wizard enables you to put forms on your website in order to collect information from visitors.
Meeting Manager 
Allows admins to create "events/meetings" and then allows users to register for those meetings. Integrates with Invoice Manager.
Member Merge 
Allows admins to merge duplicate user records based on email or username.
Membership Application 
Enables an online join form for membership.
Membership Manager 
Add, modify and report on membership accounts. Integrates with Invoice Manager.
Mobile Apps 
Install and manage mobile applications.
My Account 
Change your profile; manage online payments; search account history and manage staff.
Create newsletter stories and issues.
News Stories 
Create list of news stories with individual detail pages.
Organization Merge Tool 
Allows admins to merge duplicate organizations.
Portal Framework 
A tool to organize related features to make settings and data easier to manage.
Page Comments 
Enable user comments on specific pages.
This addon can be used to add the 'human verify' field to the end of a form.
RSS Clients 
Lets you display RSS Feeds from other sites on your site.
RSS Feeds 
Resources on the Internet where news and other information can be quickly downloaded and reviewed by people, or other sites.
Search Engine Site Map 
Enables you to generate a local XML file that is used by popular search engines to help index pages from your web site.
Social Media Collection 
Provide Facebook likes, show who has liked a page, update your tweets or display your tweets from your account, or any account.
Buyer's Guide 
A member services directory focusing on advertising and premium position upselling. Integrates with Invoice Manager.
Creates a single page, multiple question online survey.
Theme Manager 
Applies a UI Deployment to site templates and addon layouts
Tool Panel 
Provides login/logout and administrative edit buttons.
User Dedup 
A tool that lets you dedup users manually, or select a pattern and dedup automatically.
Voting Collection 
Allows users to include a voting ballot on their site.

Developer Tool Add-ons

This section includes documentation for public Contensive Add-ons designed for developers and designers.

Portal Framework (previously Admin Framework) 
A simple framework for maintaining a collection of addons with similar features.
Test Tools 
Creates a login box at the bottom of the public site with links to automatically log anyone in who is in the Test Users group.